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Patio & Decking

A nice tidy patio or decking can add real polish or practicality to your garden but historically decking especially has required a lot of maintenance. From staining to general wear and tear. We are not like most companies as we are always looking to the future. We want our work to be future proof and to provide a safe and perfect solution catered to your needs. As a lot of people simply do not have the time to keep on top of traditional wooden decking or would prefer to stand out from the crowd with their patio we have sourced new products and services to make life easier and to provide real style, low maintenance and value for money.

Over the past 30 years or so the vast majority of patios have been laid using block paving or manufactured flag stones. They serve their purpose and look okay but they are not unique or particularly hard wearing. At Euro-Turfcare (uk) we are constantly looking out for the next big advancement to help make patios look great without the usual blocks or flags. 

Forest Glen Natural Stone Paving

This natural sandstone consists of several dynamic colours to cater for many garden designs. The range of tone groups are hand picked to give a wide selective choice but still keep a continuity of colour in each pack. The sandstone range is hand worked manually to offer a natural look finish.

Forest Glen is a product that is suited to a range of projects due to its mixture of neutral natural subdued colours.

Once laid and sealed its a fantastically practical, hard wearing and durable surface which looks beautiful. Each pack is different from the next and looks a million miles from the mass manufactured blocks and flag stones.

Because no two stones are the same, each job is unique however we have a small collection of images below to help show you how a newly laid Forest Glen paving looks.

Photograph 1 - (Stones Wet and look darker)
Photograph 2
Photograph 3

Resin Bound Systems

Resin bound systems can be perfect for driveways , pathways and patios. There are lots of possibilities with this product - so much so that we have created a section of our website especially for it. 

Click here to find out more about resin bound systems.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a revolutionary, slip-resistant alternative to wood decking. It wont rot, warp or splinter - and it never needs staining or sealing. Its easy to install and even easier to maintain, Composite decking is made from reclaimed wood fibres and polymer resins. 

If your looking for a low maintenance - high impact decking solution that will still look like new after years of use. You cannot go wrong with composite decking. 

To view a gallery of our patio & decking work click here